Grilling Mexican Style

5. Green Chile With Cheese

To grill it they cut the top off in similar fashion to a pumpkin and remove the seeds. Then the cheese is inserted. The top is then placed back and held together with toothpicks. 

After grilling remove the skin. Then all you need is salt and corn or flour tortilla. 

4. Pollo Asado or Grilled Chicken


This is a no brainer, Mexicans (just like everybody else) enjoy throwing some marinated drumsticks on the grill. 

The difference may only be the spices used. In this case there are several ways that they prepare the meat. 

Regardless, it is almost always eaten with tortillas, avocado and salsa.

3. Diesmillo 

“Diezmillo” or chuck steak marinated with salt and pepper is a must. Most of the time it’s cut in thin slices cooked from medium-well to well done. 

I have to say this is one of my favorites. I buy this already marinated from a local store, because I don’t know what they use but it comes out perfect.

Every time I ask the guy he tells me it’s a secret recipe. If I ever get the recipe I will post here on this website. 

2. Potatoes “Papas Asadas” 

Medium sized potatoes wrapped in aluminium foil is another great choice for impressing your Mexican friends.

Just make sure you pack butter and trust me no need for the bacon and all the other stuff. 

1. “Cebollitas” Grilled Onions

These come in number one because no matter if your grilling pork, beef, fish or chicken “cebollitas” are a must at every single one.

They are prepared with butter salt and pepper then wrapped in aluminium foil and grilled till tender. These can accompany anything you decide to grill. 






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